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Australian Whisky

Australian whisky is a new and exciting addition to the world of whisky, known for its bold and distinctive flavor profile. Made using locally-sourced grains and pure Australian water, Australian whisky is carefully crafted to produce a unique taste that's both complex and approachable. Whether you're a seasoned whisky enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of spirits, Australian whisky is an exciting and flavorful experience. Next-Day delivery available on all orders.

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  • Last stock! Morris Australian Single Malt Whisky Muscat Barrel - JPHA Morris Australian Single Malt Whisky Muscat Barrel - JPHA

    Morris Australian Single Malt Whisky Muscat Barrel

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    The whisky in question showcases a mouthfeel that is luxuriously creamy, enveloping the palate with an array of opulent dark fruit notes and the sweetness of malted barley. This experience gradually transitions into a realm of sweet vanilla and cocoa, punctuated by the warming presence of cinnamon spice. Its journey to achieving this exceptional flavor profile begins with its initial maturation period in a combination of French and American oak casks, formerly used to age wine. However, the whisky's evolution doesn't conclude there. It embarks on a second phase of maturation, spending an extended duration in ex-fortified Muscat barrels sourced from the esteemed Morris winery, known for its numerous accolades in the fortified wine category. This distinctive dual maturation process imparts a complex tapestry of flavors to the whisky. It intertwines the influence of the fortified wine casks seamlessly with the rich malt character and the delicate interplay of aromatic spices. The end result is a whisky that offers a truly remarkable tasting experience, characterized by its sumptuous fruity notes, underlying sweetness, and a tantalizing hint of aromatic spice. This makes it an excellent choice for those who appreciate the finer nuances of whisky. Tasting Note by Morris Australian: Nose: Rich with dates, figs and sweetness of dark molasses.Palate: Well balanced and complex. Dried fig, sweet malt, vanilla and spices with creamy mouth feel.Finish: Superb oak influence, lovely finish with satisfying after taste that lingers on the palate.

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  • Morris Australian Single Malt Tokay Barrel - JPHA Morris Australian Single Malt Tokay Barrel - JPHA

    Morris Australian Single Malt Tokay Barrel

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    Crafted with utmost dedication using locally sourced Australian ingredients, this exceptional whisky finds its home in the heart of Rutherglen, Victoria, at our regional distillery. There, it embarks on a transformative journey, aging predominantly in French oak casks that once cradled red wine. What sets this whisky apart is its profound connection to our family's heritage and our prized fortified barrels. These barrels have a storied history, having previously housed our esteemed 15-year-old Morris Cellar Reserve Grand Topaque (Tokay). This fortified wine is renowned for its intense and captivating flavor profile, boasting delightful notes of toffee, seductive mocha, and velvety caramel that dance on the palate. As this whisky undergoes the final stages of its maturation process in these very barrels, it takes on the distinct essence of this exceptional fortified wine. The result is a whisky brimming with complexity and character, thanks to the generous mid-palate of the fortified wine. Tasting Note by Morris Australian: Nose: Sweet toffee, malt, butterscotch, and a pronounced nuttiness are concentrated scents.Palate: Rich, strong mocha, creamy caramel, and a hint of wood combine to create a delicate muscadelle, a warm, graceful sweetness.Finish: Elegant and opulent, with a lengthy, velvety finish as creamy malt blends with delectable fruits.

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  • Morris Australian Single Malt Whisky Signature - JPHA Morris Australian Single Malt Whisky Signature - JPHA

    Morris Australian Single Malt Whisky Signature

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    Upon examination of its scent, one can detect the inviting presence of orchard fruits, conjuring images of ripe apples and pears. These fruity notes are artfully complemented by the essence of macerated black cherries, which lend a luscious and slightly indulgent facet to the whisky's fragrance. Accompanying these fruit-driven elements is a subtle hint of biscuit, adding a touch of comforting familiarity to the olfactory experience. In terms of taste, the whisky further unfolds its complexity. The zestiness of marmalade jam offers a lively and invigorating note, set against a backdrop of lingering cocoa undertones. Additionally, hints of dark berries intermingle with the other elements, contributing depth and dimension to the flavor profile. These various components come together harmoniously, creating a captivating and balanced taste. What truly distinguishes this expression is its distinctive finish, a result of its aging process in prized and award-winning fortified wine barrels. These barrels infuse the whisky with an unparalleled intensity of dried fruit characteristics. Consequently, the whisky's finish is exceptionally rich and enduring, allowing the depth of character to resonate on the palate long after the initial sip. Tasting Note by Morris Australian:Nose: Orchard fruit profiles, macerated black cherry and biscuit notes.Palate: Extremely well rounded with a pleasant mouth feel. Zesty marmalade jam, lingering cocoa and dark-berry flavours.Finish: Prize winning ex fortified barrels impart an unrivalled finish of dried fruit intensity, delivering a seamless rich depth of character that lingers long on the palate.

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