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Aultmore Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Hidden within the tranquil landscapes of Speyside, Aultmore Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a testament to nature's finest offerings. Known for its clear, crisp character derived from pristine water sources, Aultmore unveils a beautifully balanced symphony of green meadows, soft florals, and a touch of honeyed sweetness. As one of the Speyside's best-kept secrets, Aultmore is a subtle, refined whisky that resonates with whispers of the region's rich legacy.

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  • Aultmore 18 Year Old Aultmore 18 Year Old

    Aultmore 18 Year Old

    A rarity in the UK market, the Aultmore 18 Year Old builds on its foundational notes of subtle grass and orchard fruits. The extended maturation introduces nuances of banana, spiced pear, and a delightful sweetness. While it maintains its gentle demeanor, this whisky offers a depth of flavor, providing a treat for discerning palates to delve into. Tasting Note by Aultmore:Nose: Fruit salad, vanilla, grapefruit, peach, cereal.Palate: Herbaceous, syrupy orchard fruit, biscuit, and crisp orange blossom.Finish: Sultana, citrus, and malt flavours all linger.

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  • Aultmore 12 Year Old 2009 (Old Particular) Aultmore 12 Year Old 2009 (Old Particular)

    Aultmore 12 Year Old 2009 (Old Particular)

    Discover the extraordinary rarity and exquisite flavors of the Aultmore 12 Year Old 2009 (Old Particular) whisky. Crafted with meticulous care and limited to only 400 bottles, this is a true gem for whisky enthusiasts. Immerse your senses in a flavor adventure like no other. This exceptional whisky has been carefully selected and matured in a sherry butt, resulting in a rich and complex flavor profile. Indulge in the tantalizing aromas of fresh vanilla and ripe bananas, reminiscent of the finest American Whiskey styles. As you take your first sip, be prepared for a symphony of flavors. The sweet and luscious notes of maple syrup dance on your palate, evolving into a delightful honeyed barley flavor. The journey concludes with a captivating finish of baking spices, fresh oak, buttery pastry, and subtle hints of wood shavings. But the Aultmore 12 Year Old 2009 (Old Particular) offers more than just an exceptional taste experience. It comes beautifully presented in premium gift tubes, making it the perfect choice for any whisky connoisseur. The highly informative labels provide insight into the whisky's origins and maturation process, adding an extra layer of sophistication to this already remarkable whisky. Distilled in June 2009 and bottled in December 2021, this limited edition release from Douglas Laing is a testament to its exclusivity. With its absence of colorings and chill-filtration, this whisky allows the natural flavors to shine through, creating a truly authentic and pure experience. Whether you're a seasoned whisky enthusiast or searching for the perfect gift for someone special, the Aultmore 12 Year Old 2009 (Old Particular) is a must-have addition to any collection. Don't miss your chance to savor the rarity and exceptional flavors of this remarkable whisky. Tasting Notes by Douglas Laing & Co:Nose: Heaps of fresh vanilla with ripe bananas and an American Whiskey style.Palate: Immediately there’s a maple syrup sweetness developing to honey’d barleyFinish: Baking spice with fresh oak, buttery pastry and wood shavings. (CSL)

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  • Aultmore 21 Year Old Aultmore 21 Year Old

    Aultmore 21 Year Old

    The Aultmore 21 Year Old is recognised as one of their most distinguished selections. Having matured for over two decades in refill hogsheads, the whisky undergoes extensive development without obscuring the classic Aultmore attributes. This aging process brings forth prominent herbal tones, seamlessly intertwined with hints of stone fruit and a whisper of spice, showcasing a masterful balance in its profile. Tasting Note by Aultmore: Nose: A honey and vanilla-covered blanket of toffee apples and desiccated coconut. I get a true herbal/floral aroma that makes me think of Turkish delight.Palate: Raisins, orange flower, toffee apples, honey vanilla, and crème caramel. The cask impact has diminished the flowery undertones and added a rather robust seasoning that leans more towards pepper. Earthiness that also has the flavour of stale, dusty cookies.Finish: Moderately long with the dusty biscuits and a good amount of pepper.

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  • Aultmore 12 Year Old Aultmore 12 Year Old

    Aultmore 12 Year Old

    Aultmore 12 Years Old epitomizes the quintessential Speyside whisky with its aromatic and fragrant essence. Boasting simplicity and elegance, it resonates with grassy and herbal tones, highlighted by hints of rosemary and thyme. Traditionally earmarked for blending, the unparalleled smoothness, clarity, and fruity palate of Aultmore whisky owe their origins to the Foggie Moss. This water source, meandering through bracken, gorse, and heather, naturally purifies the water, enhancing Aultmore’s sophisticated profile. Tasting Note by Aultmore:Nose: Apples and pears that are crisp and vivid, floral notes, and a light creaminess.Palate: Richer than the nose would imply, with fruit, sweet pastry, custard, and more floral notes.Finish: Medium-length, with a subtle spice that gradually replaces the fruit.

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  • Sale -7%Almost Sold Out! Aultmore 25 Year Old

    Aultmore 25 Year Old

    The Aultmore 25 Year Old, standing as the most aged expression within the distillery's core offerings, is deemed the crowning glory of Aultmore. Savouring a sip of this exquisite whisky is indeed a rare indulgence, given its sporadic bottling and exceedingly limited quantities. Tasting Note by Aultmore:Nose: Sticky toffee pudding with sliced bananas, apples and earthy oak emerges.Palate: More banana, buttered bread, and crumbly fudge. On the middle of the palate, leather and wood are joined by plum, orange, and possibly some pineapple.Finish: Warm, stewed fruit persists on the finish, and an oak spice prickle appears just before it fades away.

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