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Wintertime In The Vineyard - Roebuck Estates

, by James Pham, 2 min reading time

A new chapter begins …

The start of the new year is always a wonderful time here at Roebuck Estates. With crisp winter mornings and (ever so slightly) longer days on the horizon, it signals the first chapter of our 2023 vintage. It’s a time for reflection, looking back at the incredible 2022 growing season, but also a time for great optimism and fresh beginnings as we plan and prepare for the year ahead.

There is great beauty to be found in the vineyard during the cold winter months as the natural world around us comes to a halt, showing us the importance of resetting. Whilst winter does mean chillier days, it also offers us the chance to witness some extraordinary scenes. From beautiful sunrises glimmering through the barren trees to crisp frosty mornings and the occasional dusting of snow, it’s an absolute privilege to work so closely with nature witnessing our stunning surroundings change with the seasons.

Whilst the vineyard can be a quiet place during wintertime, plenty of nature keeps us company, from pheasants roaming around to the occasional robin perched on the vine and our four-legged woolly neighbours grazing between the rows. Every year we bring a flock of sheep in from a local farm to help maintain our vineyards in the most natural way.

The period of grapevine dormancy brings a wonderful feeling of tranquillity to our environment. Whilst our vines enjoy a well-deserved winter’s rest, our resilient vineyard team are busy pruning each vine by hand which requires great skill, concentration, and precision. Beyond the peaceful rhythm of our vineyard team snipping away with their electric secateurs lies complete stillness, with the occasional birdsong in the background. Pruning may be a time-consuming task, but it is both rewarding and satisfying as it is the first step to laying the foundation for what we hope will be a prosperous 2023 growing season.

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