Highland Park Cask Strength (Release No.2)

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Gordon Motion, Highland Park's master whisky maker, selected mostly sherry-seasoned European and American oak casks for the second release in the Cask Strength series, with a few ex-bourbon casks thrown in for good measure. Summer rose, ripe pear, and fresh coconut fragrances mingle with aromatic peat smoke, followed by a wild mix of sweet and spicy flavours - poached pear and rich almond cake, a drizzle of hazy honey, and a twist of salty liquorice. There's a hint of toasted wood, and fascinating flavours of orchard fruits, black pepper, and sweet aniseed linger in the finish, which is both long and pleasant.

Tasting Note by Highland Park
Palate: Poached pear and rich almond cake, cloudy honey, salty sweet liquorice, lightly toasted oak, cracked black pepper, aromatic peat smoke.

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