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Peats Beast Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Peat's Beast Single Malt Scotch Whisky offers a profound journey into the heart of peat. Known for its intensely smoky and powerful profile, this whisky captures the raw spirit of the Scottish isles. It's a dram that speaks directly to those who relish the bold, uncompromising flavors of heavily peated malt. Notes of burning heather, iodine, and brine intermingle with subtler hints of vanilla and oak, making Peat's Beast a complex and engaging experience. Each sip brings forth the untamed essence of Scotland's rugged landscapes, making it a memorable choice for lovers of robust and smoky whiskies.

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    Peat's Beast

    This young, lightly colored whisky hails from an undisclosed distillery in Scotland. It boasts an intense peatiness, as its bold name suggests, along with a delightful hint of citrusy fresh fruitiness. The packaging is quite attention-grabbing, featuring a fearsome monster and a deliberately scorched label. Bottled at a robust 46% ABV and left un-chillfiltered to retain its full character. Tasting Note by Peat's Beast:Nose: A rugged fusion of sea spray, bonfire smoke, damp earth and spicy cinnamon immediately arouses the senses. These powerful aromas of peat moss and wet grass must be fully respected before seductive notes of crushed pear, apple and freshly baked bread provide the perfect finish to this memorable melody.Palate: Strong and bold with plenty of backbone and structure as this great monster unfolds its fiery fangs on your palate. This is not for the faint hearted. Take a generous mouthful with a biting wind blowing furiously in your face. Hold it long in your mouth allow the thick tar, peat smoke and creamy liquorice to penetrate every part of your tongue. Time will tame it.

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    In Stock

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