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Bowmore Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Hailing from the isle of Islay, Bowmore Single Malt Scotch Whisky stands as a beacon of coastal elegance and peaty depth. With its distillery resting on the rugged shores, Bowmore captures the very essence of the island, marrying the briny kiss of the sea with a smoky, earthy heart. Established in the 18th century, Bowmore's dedication to traditional craftsmanship has resulted in a range of whiskies that resonate with notes of caramelized fruit, sea salt, and that signature Islay smoke.

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  • Sale -11% Bowmore 15 Year Old Bowmore 15 Year Old

    Bowmore 15 Year Old

    After its initial maturation in bourbon barrels, our 15 Year Old whiskey undergoes a sherry cask finishing process that stands as an exemplary showcase of this technique. It's the concluding three years spent in Oloroso sherry casks that impart Bowmore 15 Year Old with its strikingly rich, deep hue and the robust, comforting finish that sets it apart. Tasting Note by Bowmore:Nose: Dark chocolate and raisin aromas compliment the classic Bowmore smokiness.Palate: Wonderful cedar wood and rich treacle toffee flavours.Finish: Spicy, toffee, sherry and barley.

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  • Bowmore 12 Year Old Bowmore 12 Year Old

    Bowmore 12 Year Old

    Emanating the very spirit of Bowmore, with its tumultuous waves, windswept terrain, and rich heritage, this 12-year-old expression embodies a harmonious blend of complexity and balance. Delicate notes of lemon and the sweetness of heather honey harmonize seamlessly with Bowmore's signature peat smoke, culminating in a gratifying, enduring, and mellowness that defines this remarkable whiskey. Tasting Note by Bowmore:Nose: Subtle lemon and honey, balanced beautifully by Bowmore's trademark peaty smokiness.Palate: Warm and delicious on the palate with subtle dark chocolate flavours.Finish: Trademark gentle peat smoke, leading to a delicious, long and mellow finish.

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  • Bowmore 18 Year Old Bowmore 18 Year Old

    Bowmore 18 Year Old

    Carefully nestled within the finest hand-picked oak casks and afforded the luxury of maturing at its own unhurried rhythm, this stands as an exceptional and flawlessly balanced single malt Scotch whisky. Among Bowmore's most elusive offerings, Bowmore 18 Year Old may have limited availability, but the enjoyment it offers is boundless. Tasting Note by Bowmore:Nose: Creamy caramel toffee, with ripe fruit and smoke aromas.Palate: Incredibly complex, with beautiful soft fruit and chocolate balanced with a light smokiness.Finish: The long and wonderfully balanced finish.

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  • Sale -10% Bowmore 22 Year Old Aston Martin (Masters' Selection) Bowmore 22 Year Old Aston Martin (Masters' Selection)

    Bowmore 22 Year Old Aston Martin (Masters' Selection)

    Experience the pinnacle of collaboration and craftsmanship with the Bowmore 22 Year Old Aston Martin (Masters' Selection). This whisky serves as the ultimate embodiment of a unifying influence, bridging the gap between seemingly disparate partners and guiding them to a realm where shared passion and creativity flourish, leaving an indelible imprint on the legacy they jointly craft. Their combined expertise, fervor, and innovative spirit, in turn, imbues this single malt with the capacity to unite individuals, fostering togetherness, and empowering them to surmount any disparities in the pursuit of unity and shared enthusiasm. Tasting Note by Bowmore:Nose: Beginning with sweet and fruity notes of heather honey, vanilla with subtle cherries.Palate: Rich sweet and malty spicy notes of vanilla fudge.Finish: Sweet and woody with notes of liquorice sticks deliver a spicy feel.

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  • Bowmore 25 Year Old Bowmore 25 Year Old

    Bowmore 25 Year Old

    Aged for a remarkable quarter of a century, this whisky is meant to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. Every delightful sip of this finely balanced malt has undergone maturation in North American bourbon and Spanish sherry casks. Even by Bowmore's lofty standards, our celebrated Bowmore 25 Year Old whisky exemplifies the very best qualities of both cask types, resulting in an exceptional and highly-praised expression. Tasting Note by Bowmore:Nose: Intense sherry and stewed fruits, with a trace of Bowmore smokiness.Palate: Delicious toffee and hazelnut, woven together with just a hint of sweet peat smoke.Finish: The mellow, gentle and incredibly complex finish.

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  • Bowmore 21 Year Old Aston Martin (Masters' Selection) Bowmore 21 Year Old Aston Martin (Masters' Selection)

    Bowmore 21 Year Old Aston Martin (Masters' Selection)

    Welcome to the epitome of luxury and artistry. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of the Bowmore 21 Year Old Aston Martin (Masters' Selection), a limited-edition single malt Scotch whisky that embodies the essence of collaboration and craftsmanship. Crafted by the visionary Master Blender Ron Welsh and Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman, this extraordinary whisky is the result of a unique partnership between two iconic brands. Just like every Aston Martin automobile, the Bowmore 21 Year Old Aston Martin (Masters' Selection) is a testament to the expertise and skill of these two masters. Tasting Note by Bowmore:Nose: Sweet and nutty with notes of Manuka honey and maple syrup, with praline and grilled hazelnuts; combine with rich aromas of freshly tanned leather.Palate: Richly elegant sherry merges with raw Islay peat, whilst bitter dark chocolate unites with vanilla and coffee beans. A fruity flair is defined by Morello cherries and a touch of papaya.Finish: Sweet, spicy and mouth warming, with notes of oak spices, chestnut cream and coconut lingering.

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  • Bowmore 33 Year Old (The Changeling) Bowmore 33 Year Old (The Changeling)

    Bowmore 33 Year Old (The Changeling)

    Introducing Bowmore 33 Year Old (The Changeling), an extraordinary single malt whisky that will transport you to the mystical and enchanting world of Islay. This captivating creation is the result of a unique collaboration between artist Frank Quitely and master blender Ron Welsh, who have seamlessly blended artistry and craftsmanship to create a whisky that is truly exceptional. The Changeling is the second installment in the Frank Quitely series, a collection that aims to capture the essence of Bowmore's native Islay island. Inspired by the ancient folktale of a blacksmith who saved his son from the clutches of the "Fairy Folk," this whisky not only tantalizes the taste buds but also tells a captivating story. Aged for an impressive 22 and 33 years, The Changeling boasts a complex and rich flavor profile that will leave you mesmerized. The aging process begins in American oak hogsheads before a final two-year maturation in white port and tawny port casks. This meticulous finishing imparts a delightful depth and richness to the whisky, taking it to new heights of indulgence. Tasting Note by Bowmore:Nose: Unexpectedly colourful and flowery. Think of Turkish Delight, rose water, and potpourri as you experience its extreme lightness and perfume-like pungency. Despite its age, there are a few little wood notes behind the floral cloud, along with some sandalwood and even some new oak odours.Palate: With the ABV and oak spice, the strong perfume note that initially appears on the lips truly zips across the tongue and fills the mouth with a flowery sherbet sweetness that strongly reminds one of parma violets. Lavender, sugar, and heat make it up. They are accompanied by bitter clove and/or anise spices, as well as citrus fruits (pineapple, guava, and clementine).Finish: A final sweet nutty smell that makes me think of marzipan lingers after the perfume/sherbet note has faded away.

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  • Bowmore 27 Year Old Timeless Bowmore 27 Year Old Timeless

    Bowmore 27 Year Old Timeless

    Crafted with utmost care and attention, the Bowmore 27 Year Old Timeless single malt whisky is a true masterpiece. This exceptional whisky has been aged to perfection for an impressive 27 years, resulting in a liquid that is nothing short of extraordinary. Immerse yourself in the exquisite flavor profile of this remarkable whisky. The careful maturation process in sherry and bourbon casks for 15 years followed by 12 years in Oloroso butts has created a whisky that is rich, complex, and full of depth. Tasting Note by Bowmore:Nose: Fruity cooked plums and prune jam. Corinth raisins and sultana notes with a strong Oloroso influence. Toffee and maple syrup, liquorice, grilled orange peel and smoked seaweed.Palate: Tobacco, rich cocoa and the warming Islay peat smokeFinish: The finish is long with scented burnt wood notes, dry fruits and a touch of frankincense.

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  • Bowmore 30 Year Old Bowmore 30 Year Old

    Bowmore 30 Year Old

    Introducing the Bowmore 30 Year Old, a whisky that embodies rarity, elegance, and exquisite flavor. With only 2580 bottles available, this highly exclusive and limited edition release is a true gem for whisky connoisseurs and collectors alike. Prepare to be captivated by the rich and complex flavor profile of the Bowmore 30 Year Old. Indulge in the luscious sweetness of honey, accompanied by the tantalizing notes of tropical fruits and vanilla. As you savor each sip, a subtle hint of peat smoke adds depth and character, creating an unforgettable tasting experience. Crafted with meticulous care and aged to perfection for three decades in sherry hogsheads and bourbon barrels, the Bowmore 30 Year Old strikes the perfect balance between maturity and refinement. Its timeless elegance is a testament to the artistry of Bowmore's master distillers, who have expertly created a whisky that is truly a masterpiece. Tasting Note by Bowmore:Nose: Heather honey, bananas and peaches, with pineapple, vanilla and butterscotch.Palate: Tropical fruits with honey sweetness, subtle peat smoke and hints of eucalyptus.Finish: Mouth warming, with ripe fruits lingering on the tongue.

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